Aloha Chocolate Company

Amy Hammond, Chief Chocolate Taster

A.K.A. Auntie Kealoha


I learned the art of chocolate from my mother.  We made chocolates for holidays and special occasions from the time I could reach the table.  In high school, and after, I sold creations from truffles to solid chocolate and everything in between.  My chocolate fund, and a scholarship to the University of Hawai`I, brought me to islands and a lifestyle of Aloha has kept me here.

As a professional event planner I founded the Hawai`i Chocolate Festival.  I discovered Hawai`i is the only state in the United States growing chocolate and it opened up a whole new world for me.  I went from fun chocolate to fine local artisan chocolates and the Aloha Chocolate Company was born.  Originally made for friends and family as gifts, I have now turned this hobby into a passion and am fortunate enough to have the pleasure of creating my own line of products.

As a founder of the Hawai`i Chocolate and Cacao Association I am dedicated to fostering the growth of the cacao industry and promoting our local chocolate.  Chocolate puts a smile on everyone's face that tastes, sees, smells or even talks about it, who could ask for a better product to promote.  

Please support Hawai`i's emerging chocolate industry by purchasing local chocolate, enjoying and gifting it.   These chocolates are  products of the U.S.A. made in Hawai`i with Aloha.

Aloha Chocolates are manufactured locally.  Designs include: Turtle (Honu), Pineapples, Hibiscus, Plumeria and Slippers.  These Hawai`i grown dark chocolates are carefully hand packaged in 2 oz. collectable tins perfect for gifting or nibbling

The best way to say Aloha is with Aloha Chocolate.   I hope you enjoy these tiny treats.

                                              Auntie Kealoha